About the Guardian Network

Access to convergent technology brings new challenges for parents, as children consume more media, across more platforms and devices and create and share content on a global scale.

Supervising everything that our children are doing online has become complicated.

As avid gamers and internet communication specialists, we do not believe that removing technology is the solution. Our children need to develop their computer skills and become masters of navigating the complex world of digital communication. It’s up to us to show them how to do so safely, with the respect, kindness and awareness that we expect of them in the ‘real’ world.

Join us as we step into their world. Together we can keep an eye out for popular culture content that may be harmful or not age appropriate, without holding back the digital generation.

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The Guardian Network logo depicts diverse families connecting in the cloud.

The Guardian Network is an online Web Media Production created by Barbara Jara and Cara Starr as part of an assignment in an approved course of study for Curtin University.